​In the heart of Munich, you will find our team of architects who are passionate about high architectural culture. Our designs consistently prioritize the human element. Our architectural services strive for sustainable balance among cultural, social, economic, ecological, and technical aspects of planning, construction management, and, if necessary, building conversion.

We collaborate with our clients to create their dream homes. Whether it's new construction or existing buildings, including renovations, refurbishments, roof extensions, extensions, and conversions, our architectural solutions are tailored to your needs. We support you from the project idea to the completion of your property. We are happy to accompany you through the most important service phases 1 to 8 of your construction project. Our team offers flexible, customized service packages based on the scope of services for buildings and interior spaces according to the HOAI (German Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers). Inquire now.

​Our architecture creates added value.

new construction:
Architectural office for your construction project in the Munich region​​.

​Architectural firm for new construction projects in Munich.

​New construction inspires great architectural design and requires smart construction management. Start your journey with our architects to your new home. More

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​​renovation of old buildings:
​architecture with added value.

​Competent support for remodeling projects for single-family houses, multi-family houses, commercial properties, and more.

​Old buildings require a respectful treatment of the structure and fuel the imagination for modern design and construction. Dare to embark on your dream building project with our support. More

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partition plans: professional divisions of buildings for new construction and old buildings

​Inventory recordings with 3D laser scanners and creation of partition plans.

​Partition plans are drawings that precisely delineate the different residential units of a building and the common property. They should always be documented in the declaration of partition. Ensure an unambiguous determination of your ownership rights. More

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