​Partition plans in the Munich area: creation of declarations of division for condominiums

​Professional partition plans for new and existing residential buildings - precise results with 3D laser scanning technology

​The partition plan illustrates the ownership structure and must be documented in the declaration of division. The individual parts of the building, the separate residential units, and the common property are clearly delineated from each other.

Our architectural office offers the creation of partition plans for both old and new buildings, as well as their submission to the relevant building authority. If reliable existing plans are not available, we utilize 3D laser scanning to capture the current condition of the building. Subsequently, we prepare all necessary drawings for a declaration of division.

For multi-family houses that are divided into individual residential units, cadastral sheets and notarized declarations of division are required for each unit. Declarations of division include a partition plan, a certificate of separate ownership, and a community regulations. The partition plan created by us includes floor plans of the residential units, associated ancillary rooms, and building elevations. Each residential unit is assigned a unique number that distinguishes the unit, along with its specific special ownership, from the other residential units, the remaining special ownership, and the common property.

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