​New construction with high-quality architecture

​From concept to completion - our services for your new home

​​The path to your dream house is paved with creative solutions. Our architectural creativity leads to: diversity, coherence, genius loci, beauty, functionality, strength, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. In a dynamic design, we combine modern and traditional building elements.

In cooperation with you, we will bring your customized construction project to life. The individuality of your building requires smart solutions that comply with building regulations. This includes: assessing the buildability of your plot, fitting it into the surrounding development, maximizing use of setback areas, interpreting zoning regulations, applying for deviations and exemptions, and evaluating existing tree vegetation. These tasks are part of a tailored service package based on the service profile of buildings and interior spaces according to HOAI. Learn more

When it comes to cost-effective and timely completion of your new structure, we are by your side as project managers. Collaborating with our architectural firm will bring significant added value to your new construction project.

​trend architektur bei neubau

​Ein weiterer Trend, der 2023 auf uns zukommt und immer geläufiger wird, ist ein Baustil, der häufig als dynamische Architektur beschrieben wird. Hierbei geht es um Design, das moderne und traditionelle Bauelemente miteinander verbindet und viel mit Asymmetrie, Bewegung und optischen Täuschungen arbeitet.

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